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Care Guide

 Garment Testing

We're proud of the wonderful close working relationship we have with our suppliers. Ensuring a high and constant quality is essential. To that end all fabrics used in Monsoon Accessorize products undergo rigorous laboratory tests to ensure that they comply with our quality standards. Detailed care labels are written for each individual style to help your Monsoon Accessorize garment to enjoy a prolonged life.


We really love colour at Monsoon Accessorize and each season we explore new and exciting ways to use it in our collections. It’s just one of the many features that sets us apart from other high street retailers and allows our customers to reveal their style and individuality. Our dye mills work closely with us to get the intensity and variety of colour just right, but please don’t forget how important it is to read the care labels and follow the instructions carefully to avoid colour transfer or fading. It is not recommended to spot clean stains.

 Georgette and Moss Crepe

Beautiful moss crepe viscose, both printed and plain, often features in the Monsoon Accessorize collection, forming the background for some of the vivid prints and patterns that contribute to the vibrancy of the range. After extensive laboratory testing and our own wash tests, we conclude that the best treatment for georgette and moss crepe viscose is to dry clean them only. Repeated washing by hand or machine can result in deterioration in the fabric finish and distorted hemlines. Getting your garments cleaned by a reputable dry cleaner will keep them looking newer for longer.


Because of its elasticity, cheesecloth will keep its shape much better when washed by hand. You should reshape the garment with a cool iron whilst still damp. Cheesecloth should not be dry cleaned.

 Crinkle Viscose

This fabric behaves in a similar way to cheesecloth when washed and we therefore use hand-wash or dry clean instructions. Again it is important to reshape the garment whilst it is still damp.


Good quality knitwear, such as that produced by Monsoon Accessorize, should look great for a long time if properly cared for. Most Monsoon Accessorize knitwear is washable by hand and we recommend using a mild non-biological detergent to avoid colour loss and deterioration. Wash knitwear separately and do not soak, wring or rub too hard. This should avoid distortion and keep the garment soft. To remove excess water, squeeze gently or place in the washing machine for a very gentle short spin. It is important that you reshape knitwear while still damp, dry it flat and away from direct heat and sunlight. Do not tumble dry as it is liable to cause felting and shrinkage. Knitwear should be stored folded, not on hangers.


Silk is a delicate, luxury fabric and needs to be treated with care. To achieve the sumptuous depth of colour on some garments, the fabric undergoes an intense dyeing process and despite laboratory testing, in some cases, the dye can be a little loose. Therefore we do recommend you follow the care labels instructions and take your silk to a reputable dry cleaner with experience of handling delicate fabrics.

 Fuji Silk

This special silk is characterised by a beautiful peached surface, which is incredibly soft to the touch. As with other "finished" fabrics, Fuji silk should not be worn for everyday use, as continual wear will wear down the pile of the fabric and may cause darkened patches. It is typical of Fuji silk that, when dry cleaned, lightening or even darkening of the colour may occur. If you have a Fuji silk outfit of two or more pieces, remember to dry clean them all together.


Devoré is a very special, luxurious fabric that has become a favourite with the Monsoon Accessorize designers and buyers for its beauty and delicacy. The devoré fabric is made through a highly intricate process, which burns out a pattern in a viscose pile, onto a silk background. Such fine silk based fabrics should be treated as occasion wear and should be worn in a size that is not too tight as this can fray seams.

 Indigo Dye

Indigo dye differs from regular dye in that the colour is very intense. It is a natural dye and, as with a pair of jeans, the colour will fade a little with each wash, giving it a wonderfully charming worn appearance. Indigo dyed garments should be washed separately the first few times and worn with dark colours until the dye has stabilised. Refer to the care label for special instructions.

 Beads, Sequins, Hand Embroidery

Many of Monsoon Accessorize unique garments are intricately hand-embellished, some onto fine luxury fabrics. Such highly embellished garments should be worn as occasion wear and should be treated with great care at all times. Some of Monsoon Accessorize colours for sequins and beads are specially dyed for exquisite effect, but this particular process can result in slight fading of the intensity of colour when cleaned. Special care should be taken to follow recommendations for cleaning to prevent deterioration of the beauty of embellished garments.

 Crinkle and Crushed

Some of our garments are individually hand finished to have a delightful crinkled or crushed appearance. When caring for these garments, they need to be re-crinkled or crushed whilst still damp and then dried away from direct heat and sunlight before releasing and hanging. This should retain the unique crinkled or crushed appearance for the life of the garment.

 Fade Out

Pigment fadeout and indigo dyes differ from regular dye, in that the colour is very intense on the surface of the fabric. As with a pair of jeans, the colour will fade a little with each wash, giving it a fabulous worn appearance. Indigo and fadeout garments should be washed separately the first few times and thereafter always with similar colours. Please refer to the care label for special instructions.

 Suede and Leather

At Monsoon Accessorize our leathers and suedes are ultra-soft and luxurious, some with natural finishes. Garments made from natural products can experience some colour change with time, and some slight fading is likely to occur after cleaning. A specialist dry cleaner with experience of handling suede and leather items should always be used.

 Swimwear and Beachwear

Each season Monsoon Accessorize designs a range of stunning swimwear and beachwear featuring the most gorgeous on-trend bright and intense colours. Due to the distinctive colours and designs, there may be slightly loose dye on the surface, so many of the items will have to be washed separately by hand. Please refer to the care label for special instructions.

 Washing Care Symbols Guide

Wash Care Symbol Guideline
Wash and rinse on a reduced synthetic cycle and a short spin at indicated temperature.
Wash and rinse on a reduced wool cycle and a short spin at indicated temperature.
Do not wash.
Hand wash only at maximum temperature of 40 degrees Celsius.
Do not bleach.
Iron on low heat maximum 110 degrees Celsius.
Iron on medium heat maximum 150 degrees Celsius.
Do not iron.
Articles are not suitable for dry cleaning.
Delicate dry clean.
Specialists dry clean in hydrocarbon solvent.
Do not tumble dry.
Tumble dry.
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