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Monsoon Accessorize Afghanistan - Turquoise Mountain
Monsoon Accessorize Trust
The Monsoon Accessorize Trust has been supporting women and children education projects for over 20 years in Kabul, most recently committing to fund a school for children in Bamiyan with a large carpet weaver community.

The Trust and Company have a history of working with handicrafts from Afghanistan going back to 1976 following the founder’s overland journey to Asia. The trust has partnered with Turquoise Mountain in Kabul and Bamiyan (a charity founded by HRH the Prince of Wales), most recently to support 2 schools.

Previously, the Trust funded Christian Aid to rebuild silk cultivation by working with women’s groups in Herat providing them with silkworms and training on silk production. This enabled local women to earn an income and have a stronger voice in their communities.

Recent events have made our commitment to our current project, supporting the education for over one hundred children and young people, even greater. Our project involves children of both genders up to the age of 12. At this time, more than any, they need our full support, and we are investigating how to continue to provide the financial support and so continue their education and a respite from the current turmoil.

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Our Mission
Take a closer look at how the Monsoon Accessorize Trust supports and empowers individuals from disadvantaged communities across Asia, and helps drive sustainable change through a range of education, healthcare and income-generation projects.
"My original objective was to tackle the key issues of healthcare and education."
"I wanted to give back to the communities we trade in, specifically to women and underpriviliged children."
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