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You can now turn your Reward points into gift cards
Everyone's welcome! Become a member today to unlock all the ​best rewards...
Unlimited free delivery
free delivery
15% off your first shop
15% off
your first shop
Earn points that turn into vouchers
Earn points with
every shop
Enjoy bonus-points events
Early access privileges
Early access
to launches
Birthday treats​
How does Reward work? When you join, we'll automatically sync your rewards to your account – and send you the occasional email to make sure you don't miss out. At checkout, you can select your free delivery and spend your points. It really is that easy!​
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How do Reward points work?
Once you've joined Reward, simply sign into your account and you'll start collecting points every time you shop. The more you shop, the more points you'll earn – and you can spend them as you go, or save them up for later.
1. Shop with us​
Sign into your account​
2. Collect points​
Every shop (online and in store) earns you points that = money off. You can spend them as you go, or save them up for later. With every £10 you spend, you'll earn £1 worth of points. Spend £100, you've got £10 off and so on.
3. Spend points
You don’t have to wait for us to issue you a Reward, you can spend your points as soon as they are cleared. Check your available Rewards in your members area and spend them at checkout by entering your pin.
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Become a Reward VIP member
Collect 500 points (or more!) in a year, you'll become a VIP Reward Member.
This gives you extra perks, like unlimited free next-day delivery!